Thailand Health Profile 2008 - 2010

Editor  Dr.Suwit Wibulpolprasert
Assistant Editors  Dr.Supakit Sirilak , Ms.Panbaudee Ekachampaka , Mr.Nitis Wattanamano

For 16 years the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand has published the report entitled "Thailand Health Profile" (in Thai and English) regularly every two years since 1995. This is the sixth edition of such a report, which describes the health situations and trends as well as the health systems of the country, linking to environmental factors in an integrated manner. Previous editions of the report have been used widely as a reference by several local and international health agencies, institutions and organizations.

This edition of the report, Thailand Health Profile 2008-2010, deals with the topics related to those included in the previous edition, but several certain issues have been elaborated and three macro-level topics related to policy and strategy of the health systems have also been added. The first topic is "Support for Access to Essential Drugs and Compulsory Licensing of Drugs" with details on Thailand's drug accessibility situation and the justification for the government use of patents on certain essential drugs as well as relevant international agreements and Thai laws, the notifications of the government use of patents, the procurement of the drugs under the government use of patents, and the amounts of such drugs procured and distributed. The second topic is "Economic Dynamics and Health", dealing with the global financial crisis and its impact on the Thai economy, Thailand's economic stimulus packages, and the economic impact on health and the health service system. The third topic is "Thailand and Global Health System", describing the concepts of global health programmes, movements of global health activities, and the roles of Thailand in global health programmes or forums.

Prepared by  Bureau of Policy and Strategy , Ministry of Public Health
Supported by   Ministry of Public Health , Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Health Information System Development Programme)

Preface , Acronyms , List of Tables , List of Figures
  Chakri Dynasty and Thai Public Health
1. The Era of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) Revival (1782–1851)
2. The Era of Civilization
3. The Pioneering Era of Modern Medical and Health Services (1917–1929)
4. The Era of the Inception of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
5. The Reign of King Rama IX (1946–present)
6. Royal Activities Related to Health
1. Location, Territory and Boundary
2. Topography and Climate
3. Population, Language and Religions
4. Economy
5. Thai Administrative System
  Health Policy and Strategy in Thailand
1.Rights to Health of the People
2.Fundamental State Policies on Health According to the Constitution
3.Statute on the National Health System, 2009
4.The Tenth Health Development Plan
5.Health Plan of Action under the National Administration Plan
6.The Millennium Declaration
  Situations and Trends of Health Determinants
1. Economic Situations and Trends
2. Educational Situations and Trends
3. Situations and Trends of Population, Family and Migration
4. Quality of Life of Thai People
5. Situation and Trends of Environment and Livelihood
6. Political and Administrative Situations and Trends
7. Situations and Trends of Technology
8. Health Behaviours
  Health Status and Health Problems of Thai People
1. Overall Health Status Indicators
2. Major Health Problems
1. Health Workforce
2. Health Facilities
3. Health Technologies
4. Health Expenditures
5. Accessibility to Health Services
6. Efficiency and Quality of Health Service Delivery
7. Equities in Health Service
  Governance of Thailand’s Health Systems
1.The National Health System
2.Components of the National Health System
3.Mechanism for Governance of National Health System 4.Agencies Implementing Health Programmes
  Health Promotion System in Thailand
1.Development of international health promotion in relation to the situation in Thailand: From Ottawa to Bangkok towards Nairobi in Kenya
2.Development of Health Promotion in Thailand
3.Reorienting Health Promotion in the Future
  Lessons Learned from the Control of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Thailand
2.Chronology in Thailand and Abroad
3.Strategy for Morbidity Reduction
4.Strategies for Morbidity Reduction
5.Major Lessons Learned from Emergency and Crisis Management
6.Opportunity for Development
  Participatory Development of Healthy Public Policy and Statute on National Health System
1.Meaning and Evolution of Public Policy
2.Participatory Development towards Healthy Public Policy
3.Development of Mechanisms for Participatory Healthy Public Policy: From “Primary Health Care” towards “Health System Reform” and “National Health Act”
4.Intent and Acquisition of Statute on National Health System
5.Statute on National Health System, B.E. 2552 (2009)
  Health Decentralization
2.The Transfer of Health Centres to TAOs
  Support for Access to Essential Drugs and Compulsory Licensing of Drugs
3.Procedures for Operation
4.Announcements of the Government Use of Patents for the First 3 Drugs
5.Procurement of Drugs under Compulsory Licenses
6.Retaliation from Patent-holders
7.International Perspectives
8.Explanation of Thailand
9.The Second wave of the Government Use of Patent
10.Implementation of the Change in Government
11.Results of the Operations
12.Increase in the Access to Patented Drugs
13.Systematic Monitoring and Evaluation
  Economic Dynamics and Health
1.The 1997 Economic Crisis: Background and Pattern
2.The 2008 Economic Crisis: Background and Pattern
  Creation of Universal Health Security in Thailand
1.Importance of Universal Health Security
2.The Impacts of Universal Health Security
3.Current Problems and Future of UC Scheme
4.Future Directions of the UC Scheme in Thailand
  Thailand and Global Health
1.The Transition of Health Concept: from within the country to the problem requiring inter-country collaboration and worldwide public-private sector cooperation
2.Pluralistic Dimensions of Global Health
3.Global Health Governance
4.Changes in the Roles of Global Health Agencies
5.Thailand’s Role in Global Health Forums
6.Capacity Building for Thai Personnel to Work on Global Health
7.Global Health and In-country Networking