ThaiHealth 2009
Stop Violence for Well-being of Mankinf

10 Health Care System Indicators
10 Health Issues

For the 2009 report, As with previous issues, the report is divided into 3 parts. Part one Health Indicators examines several dimensions of the health care system: 1. Health service delivery 2. Human resources for health 3. Health information systems 4. Medical equipments and technologies 5. Health financing 6. Access and coverage 7. Quality and safety 8. Health equity 9. Social and financial risk protection 10. Efficiency

Part two considers Ten Health Issues. The first issue is the political conflicts that have adversely impacted on the health of the people in recent years. The second is the reemergence of narcotic drugs; the third is the fuel price crisis and its impacts on the poor; the fourth is Thais at risk of depression and suicide; the fifth is the government’s introduction of compulsory licensing, resulting in improved access to drugs among Thai people; the sixth is sexual harassment in educational institutions; the seventh is melamine in milk; the eighth is the fate of migrant workers from neighbouring countries in Thailand; the ninth is AIDS and Thai youth; and the tenth issue is the National Health Assembly, which will become an important means for advancing social health.  Part three of the report is a special article discussing the many hidden dimensions of violence in Thai social and cultural structures.

Prepared by   Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
(Health Information System Development Programme)


  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2009
10 Health Care System Indicators
  Health Service Delivery
  Human Resources for Health
  Health Information Systems
  Medical Equipments and Technologies
  Health Financing
  Access and Coverage
  Quality and Safety
  Health Equity
  Social and Financial Risk Protection
10 Health Issues
  Politics of Polarization - Thais Divided
  Reemergence of Narcotic Drugs due to Political Weakness
  Food Crisis and Fuel Price Crisis: the Poor Suffer the Most
  Crisis Strikes … Thais Are at Risk of Depression and Suicide
  Life Versus Vested Interest: The Government Introduces Compulsory Licensing (CL) Based on the Right to Life
  Sexual Harassment at Educational Institutions: Time for a Systematic Solution
  Milk Contaminated with Melamine …Global Vigilance and Thailand’s Responses
  The Deaths 54 Burmese and the Fate of the Rohingya:Human Trafficking?
  AIDS Threats Thai Youth Because of Unsafe Sex
  The First Steps of the National Health Assembly:Social Innovation in Health Policy
4 Notetable Thai Contributions to the Health of Thais
  (1.) Yasothon Hospital Won the UN Public Service Award for Improving the Delivery of Services (2.) Participating in Public Movement to Have to First Alcohol Control for Health Legislation in Thailand (3.) “The Community Nurse” – A New Movement for Health Care in the Community, by the Community, for the Community (4.) The Seventh Year When 99 Percent of Thais Have Access to the Universal Health Insurance Coverage
Special Issue for the Year
  Stop Violence for Well-being of Mankind
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