Thailand Health Profile 2005 - 2007

Editor  Dr.Suwit Wibulpolprasert
Assistant Editors  Dr.Supakit Sirilak , Ms.Panbaudee Ekachampaka , Mr.Nitis Wattanamano , Mrs.Rujira Taverat

The Ministry of Public Health Thailand has published the report entitled Thailand Health Profile (in Thai and English) regularly every two years since 1995. This is the fifth edition of such a report, prepared in collaboration with experts, specialists and representatives of relevant agencies responsible for health information. With such efforts, the report describes the national health system that is linked to environmental factors in an integrated manner, efficiently leading to the national health system development.
This edition of Thailand Health Profile 2005-2007 deals with the topics related to those included in the previous edition, with the addition of two priority topics: health security in Thailand, which mentions about its evolution, achievements of the health security system operations, and the outlook; and the systems for surveillance of diseases and public health emergencies that are being improved to effectively respond to public health emergencies, especially during the outbreak of sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), avian influenza, and the natural disaster tsunami.
The Ministry of Public Health really hopes that this report would serve as a technical reference at the national and international levels, leading to further health system development in accordance with changes in the globalized world.

Prepared by  Bureau of Policy and Strategy , Ministry of Public Health
Supported by   Ministry of Public Health , Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Health Information System Development Programme)

Preface , Acronyms , List of Tables , List of Figures
1. Health Development in the Chakri Dynasty: The Four Eras
     1.1 The Era of Thai Traditional Medicine Revival (1782-1851)
     1.2 The Era of Civilization
     1.3 The Pioneering Era of Modern Medical and Health Services (1917-1929)
     1.4 The Era of the Conception of the Ministry of Public Health
2. Royal Activities Related to Health
1. Location, Territory and Boundary
2. Topography and Climate
3. Population, Language and Religions
4. Economy
5. Thai Administrative System
  Chapter 3 Health Policy and Strategy in Thailand และการแพทย์ทางเลือก
1. Rights to Health of the People
2. Fundamental State Policies on Health According to the Constitution
3. Health Strategic Plan of Thailand
  Chapter 4 Situations and Trends of Health Determinants
1. Economic Situations and Trends
2. Educational Situations and Trends
3. Situations and Trends of Population, Family and Migration
4. Quality of Life of Thai People
5. Situation and Trends of Environment and Livelihood
6. Political and Administrative Situations and Trends
7. Situations and Trends of Technology
8. Health Behaviours
  Chapter 5 Health Status and Health Problems of Thai People
1. Overall Health Status Indicators
2. Major Health Problemsญ
3. Conclusions
1. Health Manpower
2. Health Facilities
3. Health Technologies
4. Health Expenditures
5. Accessibility to Health Services
6. Efficiency and Quality of Health Service Delivery
7. Equities in Health Services
  Chapter 7 Protection of Thailand's Health System
1. Scope of the National Health System
2. Components of the National Health System
3. Mechanism for Protection of National Health System
4. Agencies Implementing Health Programs
  Chapter 8 Health Security in Thailand
1. Evolution of Health Security System in Thailand before 2002
2. Transition in 2001 to Universal Health Care
3. Development of Subsystems in Support of the Universal Health Care System
4. Achievements of the Health Security System
5. The Outlook
  Chapter 9 National Health System Reform and Health Decentralization
1. National Health System Reform
2. Decentralization in the Health Sectorพ
  Chapter 10 Popular Health Sector and Health System Development
1. The process of Health voluntarism and Increasing Number of Female VHVs
2. The role of VHVs
3. Capacity of Provincial VHVs Clubs
4. Strengths of VHVs
5. Numerous Models of Health Voluntarism in Communities
6. The Worth of VHVs in Community Health Development
7. Constraints in VHVs Operations
8. Conclusion
  Chapter 11 Surveillance System for Disease Control and Public Health Emergencies
1. Public Health Emergency
2. International Health Regulation 2005 and Response to Public Health Emergencies
3. Communicable Disease Surveillance system and Development in Thailand
4. Surveillance and Rapid Response Team (SRRT)
5. Case Studies on Surveillance of Diseases/Health-Risks in Response to Public Health Emergencies
6. Lessons Learned and Recommendations