Thailand Health Profile 2001 - 2004

Editor  Dr.Suwit Wibulpolprasert
Assistant Editors  Dr. Suvaj Siasiriwattana , Ms.Panbaudee Ekachampaka , Mr.Suthisarn Wattanamano ,Mrs.Rujira Taverat

This report, Thailand Health Profile 2001-2004, is the fourth one ever published by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand under the concept of Thai people's health being linked to all dimensions of the individuals, environment, and health services system. Therefore, to improve Thai people's health so that they all are healthy and have a long life, all such dimensions will have to be taken into account. During the time of preparation of this report, Thailand has implemented through half of its National Health Development Plan under the 9th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2002-2006). In order to make this report useful for drawing up policies and strategies for Health Development in the 10th National Economic and Social Development Plan on a timely basis, the data complied include those for another two years in the following 13 chapters

Prepared by   Bureau of Policy and Strategy , Ministry of Public Health
Supported by   Ministry of Public Health , Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Health Information System Development Programme)

  ส่วนนำรายงานการสาธารณสุขไทย 2548 - 2550
Preface , Acronyms , List of Tables , List of Figures
  Chapter 1 Chakri Dynsaty and Thai Public Health
1. The Era of Thai Traditional Medicine Revival (1782-1851)
2. The Era of Civilization
3. The Era of Pioneering Modern Medical and Health Services (1917-1929)
4. The Era of the Conception of the Ministry of Public Health
  Chapter 2 Thailand Country Profile
1. Location, Territory and Boundary
2. Topography and Climate
3. Population, Language and Religions
4. Economy
5. Thai Administrative System
  Chapter 3 National Health Development Plan Under the 9th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2002-2006)
1. The Conceptual Framework of the National Health Development Plan under the 9th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2002-2006)
2. The Image of the Thai Health System
3. Vision of People's Health Development
4. Core Mission: Mobilization of resources from the entire society for promoting health (all for health)
5. Objectives of the Health Development Plan under the 9th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2002-2006)
6. Targets of the Health Development Plan
7. Strategies and Tactics for Health Development
8. Structure of Programmes/Projects in The 9th National Health Development Plan (2002-2006)
9. Evolution of National Economic and Social Development Plans
  Chapter 4 Situations and Trends of Health Determinants
1. Economic Situations and Trends
2. Educational Situations and Trends
3. Situations and Trends of Population, Family and Migration
4. Quality of Life of Thai People
5. Values, Beliefs and Culture
6. Political and Administrative Situations and Trends
7. Situations and Trends of the Physical Environment
8. Situation and Trends of Infrastructure
9. Situation and Trends of Technology Development
10. Health Behaviours
  Chapter 5 Health Status and Health Problems of Thai People
1. Overall Physical Health Status Indicators
2. Mental Health Indicators
3. Epidemiological Transition
  Chapter 6 Health Service Systems in Thailand
1. Health Resources
2. Health System Management
3. Structure of Organizations Implementing Health Programmes
4. Health Services
5. Health Care Financing
6. Problems of the Thai Health System
  Chapter 7 Administrative System of the Ministry of Public Health
1. Prior to Becoming the Ministry of Public Health
2. The Ministry of Public Health: Present and Future Trends
3. Programmes/Projects of the MoPH
4. Human Resources of the MoPH
5. The Budget of the Ministry of Public Health
6. Summary of Adjustments of the Ministry of public Health between 1997 and 2004
  Chapter 8 Major Public Health Programmes and Activities Implemented in Thailand
1. Universal Health Security Scheme
2. Health Promotion
3. Disease Prevention and Control
4. Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine
5. Rehabilitation Services for the Disabled
6. Development of Civic Sector Health System
7. Consumer Protection in Health
8. Human Resources Development for health
9. Health Research
10. Development of International Health
  Chapter 9 Economic Dynamics and Health Implications
1. Good Health and Health Care Systems in the Economic Recession (1978-1987)
2. Worsening Health Systems During the Economic Boom (1988-1996)
3. Health Systems Implications from the 1997 Economic Crisis
4. Health Strategies in Response to the Economic Crisis
5. Health in the economic recovery phase (from 2002)
  Chapter 10 Health Systems and International Trade
1. World Trade Organization (WTO)
2. MTAs and Health-SPS and TBT
3. Liberalization of Trade in Health Services-GATS
4. Protection of Intellectual Properties-TRIPS
5. Conclusion
  Chapter 11 Health Systems Reform and Decentralization
1. Overall movement of Health Systems Reform
2. Public Hospital Reform
3. Decentralization and Devolution in the Health Sector
4. Implementing the Decentralization
5. Progress of Implementation
  Chapter 12 Civil Society and Health Development
1. Definition and Evolution
2. Civil Society in Thailand
3. Civil Society and Health Development in Thailand
4. The way forward
  Chapter 13 International Health Development
The Changing Scopes, Functions, Organizations and Mechanisms of International Health
2. The International Health Organizations/Mechanisms
3. Recent Successes in International Health Forum (2000-2004)
4. Situational Analysis of the International Health in Thailand
5. Future International Health Development