ThaiHealth 2006
Facing the Challenge of Bird Flu

13 Health Indicators
10+10 Health Issues

The Thai Health Report 2006 contains three main sections. Section 1, Health Indicator, this year has 13 entries. Two entries deal with physical aspects of health: dental health and sexual health. Three entries deal with determinants of health: nutrition, alcohol, and exercise. There are entries discussing Thailand’s universal health care system, mental health, and spiritual health. There are also six entries discussing various aspects of social health: water shortages, traffic accidents, television versus school, family life, and pesticides.

Section2, 10+10Issues Currently Affecting the Health of Thais, discusses selected issues arising over the past year and their effect on people’s health.

Section3 Present this year’s special topic: “Facing the Challenge of Bird Flu”. Bird flu gas been a major public concern in Thailand, and will continue to be so for many year. As well as being a direct threat to people’s health, bird flu has affected the poultry industry, international public health cooperation, the economy, society, and Thai people’s way of life.

Prepared by   Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
(Health Information System Development Programme)