ThaiHealth 2008
Global Warming A Real Threat from Humans

13 Preschool Children Indicators
10 Health Issues

The 2008 edition of the Thai Health Yearbook the 5th issue released to the public. As for this publication, the authors have selected the “hot” issue of “global warming” and have included a special article in the current issue, “Global Warming: A Real Threat from Humans” Thailand has faced global warming as have other parts of the world due to various human activities that have released greenhouse gases. Global warming is a severe problem which widely affects all aspects of our lives. If the problem continues to worsen and human beings do not try to limit and reduce greenhouse gases, there is an approximate probability of 50% that the planet’s temperature will increase by more than 5 degree Celsius within the next ten years. Such a rise in temperature would be catastrophic for certain areas. Although human beings have started to realize the threat of global warming, the world has not been able so far to reduce activities that have released greenhouse gases.

The ten outstanding health situations covered in this issue represent some of the key issues that have garnered public attention over the past year. For example, it is widely known that the Southern unrest is a problem that has plagued the country for the past four years and thus requires continued and that constant monitoring. Even though some measures have been launched to decrease the frequency of the violence, much more

Health indicators of this year were dedicated to the issue of “Preschool Children,” which is considered a crucial age for brain and physical development. This period is the best time to develop children’s thinking, writing, and socialization skills in order to become good adults in the future. This age is really a turning point to be able to memorize, increase their innovative thinking no matter what their economic status, and create the This is the time when all children, no matter what their economic status, develop their intelligent quotients (IQ), the emotional quotients (EQ), moral quotients (MQ), and the social quotients (SQ).

Prepared by   Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
(Health Information System Development Programme)


  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2008
13 Preschool Children Indicators
  Growth in the Womb and Delivery
  Diseases of Preschool Children
  Breast Milk and Bottle-Feeding
  Supplementary Foods
  Dental Health
  Emotional Intelligence
  Development of Intelligence in Different Area
  Orphans/ HIV Infected Children/ Disabled Children
  Influence of Childcare on Child Development
  Care Provided by Childcare Centers
  Today’s Media
10 Health Issues
  New Laws to Protect Victims of Violence : Another Step towards Stopping Violence against Women
  Four Years of Fire in the South...More Violence and Brutalities
  It’s Time to Prevent and Effectively Deal with Unsafe Abortion
  Dengue Spreads due to Global Warming
  Computer Crime Act: A Restriction of Freedom in the Cyber World?
  Mab Ta Put . . . Full of Misery, Infulxes of Pollution
  Thailand to be Flooded with Garbage within the Next 3 Years
  “TV Ratings”: Adults’ Responsibility toward Young Viewers
  Ensuring That the War against Cervical Cancer Goes in the Right Direction
  Health Center Transfer to Local Administrative Organizations: Returning Health to People
4 Notetable Thai Contributions to the Health of Thais
  (1.) UNESCO Rewarded a Young Thai Scientist for Solutions to Plant and Animal Extinction (2.) Health Insurance Scheme Granted Patients with Kidney Disease the Right to Kidney Dialysis and Transplantation Free of Charge (3.) Thai People Developed the “Strip Test for Alpha Thalassemia Detection,” the World’s First Successful Detection Method for Thalassemia (4.) Thai Researchers Succeeded in Developing a “Biosensor,” the World’s First Bird Flu Detector
Special Topic
  Global Warming : A Real Threat from Humans
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