ThaiHealth 2020
2 Decades of Thailand Educational Reform: Failures and Successes. Institute for Population and Social Research

12 Indicators of Health of Thai Adolescents and Youth
10 Outstanding Situations
4 Outstanding Accomplishments for Health

n this 17th issue, the basic health indicators are presented in 12 sections. Sections 1-3 address indicators of “Health of Thai Adolescents and Youth,” which are discussed across physical, mental and social health dimensions. Sections 4-8 discuss behavioral health related to food consumption. Sections 9-11 discuss physical activity, sexual behavior, and potential health and social risk behaviors. There is discussion of environmental health determinants, online media, family, education and work. Finally, Section 12 summarizes Thai policies for health of teenagers and youth. In this report, “teenagers and youth” covers the population between the ages 10-24 years.

As for health milestones during the year, 10 important stories were selected which occurred in the past year. For example, the air pollution problem (PM2.5) has intensified every year, but especially in the past year. The fight continued to ban three toxic pesticides that are not easy to defeat. There is growing prevalence of clinical depression in youth and adolescent. There have been new advances in policy on medical marijuana use that continued since 2018. There is increased popularity of e-sports, and online games. This volume then showcases four health achievements during the year.

Publisher    Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University
Cooperate    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission Office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2020
12 Indicators of Health of Thai Adolescents and Youth
  Physical Health
  Mental Health
  Social Health
  Food consumption behavior
  Physical Activity
  Sexual Behavior
  Other Health Risk Behaviors
  Socially Risky Behavior
  On-line Social Media
  The Family, and Adolescents and Youth
  Education and Employment
  Thai Policy on Adolescents and Youth
10 Outstanding Situations
  PM 2.5: A Massive Threat to the Health of Thai Population
  Ban of 3 Toxic Pesticides: The Protracted Battle
  Plastic Pollution in the Seas: Thais Join the Movements to Reduce Plastic Waste
  Clinical Depression among Youth: What Can Be Done?
  Keeping an Eye on Medical Marijuana Policy: Dream or Reality
  Monitoring Private Hospitals: Health Policy vs Medical Capitalism
  E-cigarettes: A Giant Health Threat for the Thailand 4.0 Era
  Accommodating an Aging Society: Thailand Establishes the ASEAN Center for Active Aging and Innovation
  Walking and Running for Health: The Booming Sports Business Era
  E-Sports: Gaming or Sports for Transnational Business?
4 Four Notable Outcomes of Thai Health
  (1)  Dr. Viroj Tangcharoensathien and the Prestigious Award from WHO (2) The Thai Health System Ranks among the Top of Asia and the World (3) UNESCO Praises the Revered Thai Monks as Ambassadors for World Peace: Phra Ajarn Mun Bhuridatta and Supreme Patriarch H.R.H. Prince Wachirayanawarorot (4) “1 Temple 1 Hospital”-- Advocating for a National Buddhist Health Statute
Speacial Feature
  Two Decades of Thai Educational Reform: Failures and Successes
  Appendix , The Process of Producing the “Thai Health Report 2020” , Names of Steering Committee 2020 , Names of Experts , The Thai Health Report Team , References