ThaiHealth 2015
Health Frauds : When Health is Commoditized, Drugs Become Profit-Making Tools.

11 ASEAN Health Indicators
10 Outstanding Situations in the Year 2015
4 Outstanding Accomplishments for Health

2015 is also a year for ASEAN economic integration, making it an appropriate time for Thai Health to focus our health index section on ASEAN to examine different dimensions of the region relating to population, health, society, economy, the environment, changes in health behaviours and health systems.

For the special feature story, Thai Health takes on the issue of “Health frauds”, highlighting strategies to sell drugs through marketing and selling hope, exposing the subtle tricks used by drug companies to change healthy people into “sick” people or turn beauty into a commodity. This section will hopefully provide the public with a different perspective to consider before choosing a health related product or service.

The Thai Health working group would like to thank our readers for your continuous support and sincerely hope that Thai Health 2015 will be as useful to you all and also a pleasure to read as were previous editions.

จัดทำโดย  Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
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  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2015
11 ASEAN Health Indicators
  ASEAN: Unity in Diversity
  ASEAN Population
  Physical Health
  Mental Health
  Health Behaviors
  Economic and Social Development
  The Environment and Urbanization
  Health Financing
  Health Resources
  Health Equity
  ASEAN and Health Challenges
10 Outstanding Situations in the Year 2015
  The 2014 coup d’etat: Breaking the political impasse
  Life hanging on a bear thread: Lack of Safety in Thai public transport
  Garbage and toxic waste management: a new national agenda?
  Ebola and cross-border disease management
  Surrogacy and what Thai society needs to know
  New drug legislation. Who wins? Who loses?
  Health Areas and Discontent: Holding the Public Victims
  Chiangrai earthquake, community impact and problem management
  Border Economic Zones: Two sides of the coin
  Violent Crime: Thorn in the flesh of Thai tourism
4 Outstanding Accomplishments for Health
  (1) Traditional doctor Nan Inson honored (2) Herbs in national drug list (3) A golden year for Thai athletes (4) Thai guitarist won international competition
Special Issue for the year
  Health Frauds When Health is Commoditized, Drugs Become Profit-Making Tools.
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