ThaiHealth 2014
"Self-management Communities:" Foundation of National Reform

11 Obesity Indicators
10 Health Issues
4 Outstanding Achievements

With this volume, Thai Health has entered its second decade of existence. Over the last ten years, we have solicited readers’ opinions on how to improve Thai Health further. Most readers would like the content and format kept as it is, with only some minor changes. Those suggestions, including explanations for tables and graphs and the use of simple language have been incorporated into successive volumes of Thai Health.

This volume’s special feature entitled “Self-managing communities: Foundation of national reform” presents the stories of local communities whose strength allowed them to successfully achieve their goals and overcome problems. Although differing in methods, these communities share certain characteristics such as broad participation and strong leadership. These strong communities, that can solve their own problems, make for a very strong foundation for sustainable national reform.

This year’s 10 outstanding health situations include some of the most debated government policies such as the rice-pledging scheme, the 2-trillion-baht loan and the 350-billion-baht water management mega-project as well as controversial social and environmental issues such as disgraced monks and the ICJ verdict on PreahVihear dispute. Four success stories are also presented: Thailand’s victories in international sports; World Soil Day; Siriraj Hospital winning international prize for thalassemia researches; and DrKraisid winning international nutritionist award.

Prepared by  Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2014
11 Obesity Indicators
  How Obese is the Thai Population?
  The Inequality of Obesity
  Obesity-Related Risks
  Disease Burden and Impact
  Changing Lifestyles
  Food and Beverages
  Food Environment
  Values and Attitudes
  Marketing Mechanisms Targeting the Obese
  How to Fight Obesity
  Anti-Obesity Plans and Measures
10 Health Issues
  The Civil Movement for Democracy and Thailand’s turning point
  Rice Pledging Scheme: Solution or Problem?
  Two Trillion Baht Borrowing Bill and Thailand’s Future
  Oil spills and toxic substance management
  From Mae Wong Dam to the 350-billion baht water management mega-project
  P4P: Remedy for public health ills?
  Lead poisoning in Klity stream: Setting precedents in environmental 67 and health rehabilitation for affected communities
  Assistant teacher recruitment exam scandal: 73 Reflection of Thai education system
  Preah Vihear Temple Dispute (Continued)
  The disgraced monk Nen Kham and Thai Buddhism’s crisis of faith
4 Outstanding Achievements
  (1) Dr. Kraisid honoured with international nutritionist award (2) Siriraj won thalassemia awards (3) World Soil Day (4) Year of sports excellence 87
Special Issue for the Year
  Self-management communities : foundation of national reform
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