ThaiHealth 2012
FOOD SECURITY : The Illusion of Money VS The Realiry of Food

11 Thai Population and Health Indicators
10 Outstanding Health Situation

For nine consecutive years, the Thai Health Working Group has been issuing annual reports containing academic information on health in its physical, mental, social, wisdom and cultural dimension. This latest report, Thai Health 2012, focuses on food security so as to reflect the ongoing insecurity in the global food market which continues to experience many crises arising from toxic residue to price hikes and increasing food shortages. These food related problems are intensifying and deepening such that the general public is increasingly worried and concerned about the safety and quality of their lives.

The main section of this report discusses the different aspects of food security. Food security is defined as “access for consumption by the population to available and adequate food with safety and age appropriate nutritional values for wellbeing as well as to ensure a secure food production system which supports and maintains ecological balance and the country’s natural food resource base in normal times as well as during natural disasters and/or in case of terrorism threats against food supplies.”

This discussion article aims to shake Thai society from its position of complacency regarding food issues so as to ensure the society begins to take steps to ensure Thailand’s food security, with policy awareness that locally produced food should serve, first and foremost, the Thai people. Although food security is a recurring issue which has caused significant challenges in the past, it is now time to raise awareness at a national level to ensure effective policy making and concrete measures to prepare for future food crises. Debunking the myth of fertility and food security, this report aims to project the real situation where, as the Thai populer saying, “Money is illusory, food is tangible.”

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2012

11 Thai Population and Health Indicators Taking the Pulse of Thailand’s Populational Health
  Changing Demographics
  Morbidity and Mortality
  Internal Migration
  International Migration
  Quality of Life and Human Development
  Workforce and Economy
  Family and Social Support
  Health Service System
  Evolution of Thailand’s Population Policies

10 Outstanding Health Situations
  Flood of the Century: Warning of Things To Come
  Wang Nam Khiao “Model”: Reflecting the Problems of People, Forest and Land
  Right to Refuse Treatment When Death Is The Only Dignified Option
  Thailand Reform Unfinished Uprooting of the Poisonous Tree
  Hurdles towards the ASEAN Community
  Thai-Cambodian Border Conflict Tension Continues After Ceasefire
  Revoking Licenses for Four Toxic Chemicals
  Time to Lay Foundation for the First Thai Traditional Medicine Hospitals
  Child ID Cards and Unanswered Questions
  BOI and Investment Promotion Policy to Strengthen Health System

4 Notable Thai Contribution to the Health of Thais

  (1) Thai Traditional Medicine Won Gold Medal for Food Supplement Product at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland (2) National Health Security Office (NHSO) Provided 170 Million Baht to Promote Health of Senior Citizens (3) Chambers of Commerce Set Up Anti-Corruption Network (CAN) (4) Promoting Virtues in the Deep South

Special Issue for the Year

  Food Security: The Illusion of Money vs The Reality of Food


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