ThaiHealth 2011
HIA : Mechanism for Healthy Public Policy

12 National Health Indicators
10 Health Issues

Many problems facing Thai society today are like tests that require mindfulness and wisdom to solve, so that Thailand can be a society in which wellbeing and equality are truly realized. This Thai Health report hopes to be a part of a process of reviewing past xperiences, creating new alternatives and finding solutions to all the problems that undermine wellbeing of Thais–whether that be an economic crisis, clashes of opinions, violence in different levels of the social structure or outdated attitudes that are lagging behind rapid social change.

Some articles, in this publication suggest new perspectives on social change. Some examples include discussing a reproductive health law to address abortion and teen pregnancy issues or an amendment to rape and sexual harassment laws in order to stop “rubbing salt into the wounds” to victims. Such actions can lead to lasting solutions to sex–related problems in Thai society.

Other articles covered here are follow–ups to issues that have been smoldering over the past years, such as conflict in the Deep South, droughts and floods, political crises and emerging diseases. This Thai Health report will continue to keep an eye on and update these issues so as to constantly remind all sectors of Thai society of the need to come up with effective solutions to existing challenges.

Thai Health 2011 also presents an important feature story on Health Impact Assessment (HIA). HIA is a particular social mechanism to protect lives considering individual, communal, social and environmental aspects that may otherwise be harmed by large government or non-government projects such as industrial estates, mining or infrastructure projects. The key feature of HIA is a participatory learning process which can include all members in society.

This year’s “12 National Health Indicators” look at key indexes on the health status of Thai people and Thailand’s health care system, some of which have witnessed improvements in recent years but others that remain to be urgently addressed. The 10 Outstanding Health Situations and 4 Achievements also record important events in Thai society in past year. Some are updates of previous events while others are emerging issues that require awareness and attention.

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2011
12 National Health Indicators
  Physical Health
  Mental Health
  Spiritual / Wisdom Health
  Health Behaviour
  Environmental of Quality
  Human Security of Life
  Family Relationships
  Community Capacity
  Social Security
  Equity and Accessibility
  Efficiency in Health Care Systems
  Quality and Effectiveness of Health Care Systems
10 Health Issues
  Falling IQs among Thai Children: Time for more Educational Reform
  Severe Drought Followed By Devastating Floods: Preparedness for Climate Change
  How to Prevent History from Repeating Itself? The Case of 2002 Aborted Fetuses at Phai Ngoen Temple
  Thailand is Reform to Break Political Deadlock: An Unattainable Dream?
  No Peace without Justice in Thailand’s Deep South
  Medical Malpractice Victims Protection Bill Meets Opposition from Doctors
  A Comprehensive Reproductive Health Law: Cutting Rates of Abortion and Pregnancy Related Dropouts
  Global Food (In) Security Encroaching on Thailand
  Out–of–Control False Advertising for “Health”
  Obesity in a Consumer Society
4 Notetable Thai Contributions to the Health of Thais
  (1.) Restoration of Rights to Access Health Care for Stateless Persons: The Long and Winding Road (2.) From Local Health Stations to Tambon Health Promotion Hospitals– A Turning Point for Public Health Systems (3.) Thai National Health Care Scheme Gains International Recognition (4.) Investing in Food for Smart Thai Kids with Nutrition Watch Programme
Special Issue for the Year
  HIA: A Mechanism For Healthy Public Policy
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