ThaiHealth 2010
Capitalism in Crisis: Opportunity for Society ?

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research
   Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
   (Health Information System Development Programme)

               Introduction in ThaiHealth 2010
         12 Health Indicators of Thailand's Workforce
               Thailand's Workforce Situation
               Physical Health of Workforce
               Mental Health and Well-being of Workforce
               Quality of Life of Thai Workforce
               Financial Situations of Workforce
               Occupational Injuries
               Informal Sector
               Health of Migrants
               Thai Workers in Vulnerable Situation
               Health of Migrant Workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos
               Welfare of Thai Workforce
               Social Security Funds
         10 Health Issues
               Is There Any "Way-Out" of the Thai Political Crisis?
               Map Ta Phut: A Hot Economic Issue for the Nation, A Pollution Problem
               for Local Communities
               Thailand and the H1N1 Flu
               Diabetes and Hypertension Silent Killers
               Alcohol Control Policies and Measures Still Not Strict and Sincere
               "Teenage Mothers": A Big Issue Still Being Prevented and Solved
               in a Limited Way
               It is Time to Revise the Thai Drug System
               "The Strong Thailand Project" at the Ministry of Public Health
               Stem Cell Law: Ethics and Progress
               Dismantling the Traffic Accident: Victim Protection to Provide Justice to Victims
         4 For Notable Thai Contribution to the Health of Thais
               (1) Thai Contributions Community Health Fund: An Outcome of Decentralizing
               Power to Local Administrations! (2.) Thais Receive Two Distinguished Awards:
               Prince Mahidol Award And Magsaisai Award (3) HIA: Healthcare Tool for People
               (4) First Achievement in Developing a H1N1 Flu Vaccine in Thailand
         Special Issue for the Year
               Capitalism in Crisis: Opportunity for Society?

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