ThaiHealth 2008

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research
   Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
   (Health Information System Development Programme)

               Introduction in ThaiHealth 2008
         13 Health Indicators
         13 Preschool Children Indicators
               Growth in Womb and Delivery
               Diseases of Preschool Children
               Breast Milk and Bottle-Feeding
               Supplementary Foods
               Dental Health
               Emotional Intelligence
               Development of Intelligence in Different
               Orphans / HIV Infected Children / Disabled Children
               Influence of Childcare on Child Development
               Car Provided by Childcare Centers
               Today's Media
         10 Health Issues
               New Law to Protect Victims of Violence: Another Step towards Stopping
               Violence against Women
               Four Years of Fire in the South….More Violence and Brutalities
               It's Time to Prevent and Effectively Deal with Unsafe Abortion
               Dengue Spreads due to Global Warming
               Computer Crime Act: A restriction of Freedom in the Cyber World?
               Mob Ta Put . . . Full of Misery, Infulxes of Pollution
               Thailand to be Flooded with Garbage within the Next 3 Years
               "TV ratings": Adults' Responsibility toward Young Viewers
               Ensuring That the War against Cervical Cancer Goes in the Right Direction
               Health Center Transfer to Local Administrative Organizations: Returning
               Health to People
         4 For Notable Thai Contribution to the Health of Thais
         Special Topic
               Global Warming : A Real Threat from Humans

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