ThaiHealth 2007

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research
   Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
   (Health Information System Development Programme)

               Introduction in ThaiHealth 2007
         14 Health Indicators
               Introduction in 14 Health Indicators
               Dementia: An Epidemic on the horizon
               Occupational health
               Mental illness
               Risks factors for cardiovascular disease
               Risks from secondhand smoke
               Hazardous waste
               Food supplements
               Consumer protection
               Income, Savings, and Debt
               The sufficiency economy
               Thai young people gambling to get rich quick
               Thai young people in the cyber age
               Education inequalities
         10 Health Issues
               Should the Government Keep the Two- and Three-Digit Lotteries ?
               From Chat Room to Video Clips and Camfrog: Getting to Know Online Life
               The "Focts about Medicine" Announcement: The Conflict between the Right
               of Doctors and the Rights of Patients
               Thai Children and Danger from Sex More Protection Needed
               Repeated Flooding: A Worsening Natural Disaster
               The Fire in the South Continues after the Coup
               Thai Students and Violence in Schools
               The Nation Health Act: From Concept to Implementation
               Banning Alcohol Advertising: A Long Way to Go
               Compulsory Licensing of Three Drugs Thai People's Right to Life is More
               Important than Profits
         4 Notetable Thai Contributions to the Health of Thais
               Innovation Wheelchairs for Disabled and Elderly People , Progress in
               Protecting Thais from Bird Flu , Work to Develop a Vaccine for Dengue
               Fever is Almost Finished , Thai Students Win an Internationnal Competition
               to Build a "Independent Robot"
         Special Topic
               The Scent of the Lamduan Flower: Preparing for an Aging Society

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