Thailand Health Profile 2001 - 2004

Prepared by   Bureau of Policy and Strategy
   Ministry of Public Health
Supported by   Ministry of Public Health
   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
   (Health Information System Development Programme)

            Introduction       Introduction of Thailand Health Profile 2001 - 2004
            Chapter 1       Chakri Dynasty and Thai Public Health
            Chapter 2       Thailand Country Profile
            Chapter 3       National Health Development Plan under the 9th
            Chapter 4       Situation and Trends of Trend of Health Determinants
             - Economic Situation and Trends
             - Education Situation and Trend
             - Sitution and Trends of Population, Family
             - Quality of Life of Thai Pepple
             - Political and Adminidtrative Situation and Trend
             - Situation and Trends of the Physical Environment
             - Situation and Trends of Infrastructure
             - Health Behaviours
            Chapter 5       Health Status and Health Problems of Thai People
             - Overall Physical Health Status Indicators
             - Mental Health Indicator
             - Epidemiological Transition
            Chapter 6       Health Service System in Thailand
             - Health Resources
             - Health System Management
             - Structure of Organization Implementing Health Programmes
             - Health Services
             - Health Care Financing
             - Problems of the Thai Health System
            Chapter 7       Administrative System of the Ministry of Public Health
            Chapter 8       Major Public Health Programmes and Activities Implemented in Thailand
            Chapter 9       Economic Dynamics and Health Implications
            Chapter 10       Health Systems and International Trade
            Chapter 11       Health Systems Reform and Decentralization
            Chapter 12       Civil Society and Health Development
            Chapter 13       International Health Development
            References       References of Thailand Health Profile 2001 - 2004

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