ThaiHealth 2021
COVID-19 : Disaster Shakes the World

10 Indicators of “Area Health”
10 Outstanding Situations on Health and Wellbeing
4 Outstanding Accomplishments for Health

The 2021 Report of Thai Health starts off with ten area indicators of health as follows: 1) Health behavior; 2) Physical health; 3) Mental health; 4) Social health; 5) Maternal and child health; 6) Vulnerable populations; 7) Environment; 8) Natural resources; 9) Health resourcess; and 10) Special Health Zones.

The special theme of this year’s issue of Thai Health is a crisis not just affecting Thailand, but virtually every country in the world and nearly simultaneously. That is the sudden emergence of COVID-19: A Disaster that is Shaking the World. COVID-19 burst onto the world stage in early 2020. This volume will review the early sequence of events related to COVID-19, the strong response and victory over COVID in China, and the epidemic situation in the United States, Italy, Iran, and England. Next, the report takes a closer look at Thailand and COVID, the impact and response, the development of treatments, the campaign to vaccinate the population.

Publisher    Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University
Cooperate    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission Office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2021
10 Indicators of “Area Health”
  Health behavior
  Physical health
  Mental health
  Mental health
  Maternal and child health
  Vulnerable populations
  Natural resources
  Health resources
  Special Area Health
10 Outstanding Situations on Health and Wellbeing
  New generation of political activism: From flash mob to the People’s Party 2020
  Smog and wildfires in the North: Sustainable management approaches
  Looking at the process of criminal justice through the case of “Boss”
  The poverty problem in Thailand: Has it improved or worsened?
  “Drink and Drive:” Road crimes
  Violence against students: Problems and solutions
  Liver cancer... The Grim Reaper takes down Thais
  Land bridge Gulf of Thailand – Andaman, a 20-year mega-project plan
  The problem of missing children in the Thai social context
  Man and elephant: The dynamics of coexistence
4 Outstanding Accomplishments for Health
  (1)  International praise for Thailand’s response to COVID-19 (2) “The Gold Card” Policy for treatment anywhere: Part 2 of “30 baht cures all diseases” (3) Thai massage is listed as a World Cultural Heritage (4) ThaiHealth wins the “Nelson Mandela” award for being a global model of a health promotion organization
Speacial Feature
  COVID-19 : Disaster Shakes the World
  Appendix , The Process of Producing the “Thai Health Report 2021” , Names of Steering Committee 2021 , Names of Experts , The Thai Health Report Team , References