ThaiHealth 2017
Empowering Vulnerable Populations Creating an Inclusive Society

11 Indicators on Thai Health and the Sustainable Development Goals
10 Outstanding Situations in the Year 2017
4 Good Works on Thai Health

At the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) began to be adopted as an important and guiding concept under the leadership of the United Nations. The report on Thai Health would like to take this opportunity to use the SDG as the unit of measurement and specifically for Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. We intend to do this by presenting 11 indicators under the title of: The Health of Thais and the Goal of Sustainable Development. We will present data that reflect various levels of challenges in order for Thailand to achieve the sustainable development goals. This will be a very challenging task seen in the rate of mother’s mortality that remains high in certain areas of the country, non-communicable chronic diseases that have caused unnecessary deaths, accidents that still remain one of the highest in the region, the Universal Health Care Scheme which still encounters obstacles to providing equal and quality access to its services. In addition there is also drug addiction and the environment that remain as continuing challenges.

ส่The second part of this report will look at 10 important or prominent health issues that have occurred during the year one of those of which is the holding of a referendum for Thailand’s 20 year strategy that was passed allowing this Health Act to be passed into law. The birth of the 2nd Health Charter including a new HIA: Towards the Health of Thai’s. A draft Act was also undertaken to protect people who received health services from the state, the registration of low income persons, measures to assist the elderly in preparation for an ageing population, bringing in foreign labor, an MoU on the special economic development zones and the challenge of low prices for rice. Four successful outputs in this year include the provision of the Gold Health Care card for all disabled persons, free education for children from nursery level to grade 6, Thailand reported as being the country that has the lowest level of need (poverty) and efforts to use the Gold Card universal health care scheme as a model for other Asian countries.

In every society there exists differences and variation and even in small groups such as the family, its members are all different from one another. What is of importance though is how a society enables people of different nature and background to live harmoniously together without conflict or neglect that may result in a fragile or weakening of this part of society. A special section of this report on Thai Health 2017 invites you to reflect on the issue “Empowering Vulnerable Populations: Creating an Inclusive Society”, that will allow the reader to better understand the dimensions of fragility, the reasons that make persons become fragile and the characteristics of fragility of each group including the impact that fragility has upon these groups as well as what can be done about it so that persons in these groups can escape from this predicament and become fully fledged members of society with dignity, equal to others and with equal opportunity and access to resources in the community.

Prepared by  Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University
Supported by   Thai Health Promotion Foundation
The National Health Commission office

  Introduction in ThaiHealth 2017
  His Majesty King Health of the mother Bhumibhol Adulyadej and Thai Health
11 Indicators on Thai Health and the Sustainable Development Goals
  Maternal Health
  Births and Quality of Children
  AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
  Non-Communicable diseases
  Substance Abuse
  Road Traffic Accidents
  Reproductive Health
  Universal Health Coverage
  บุHealth Workforce
  Overall Health-related SDG
10 Outstanding Situations in the Year 2017
  Thai Referendum Approves the New Constitution, Paving the Way for the General Election
  The 20-Year National Strategic Plan
  A Decade of the National Health Act: Laws for the Health of Thais
  The 2nd Charter on National Health System: Towards the Future Development of Thai Health Services
  ร่The Draft Act on Patient Protection from Public Health Services
  Registration of Low-Income Persons: Reducing Inequality and Improving the Quality of Life
  Measures to Assist the Elderly in Ageing Society
  Thai Migration Policies: Preference for Labour Import via the MOU Channel
  Special Economic Zones: Precaution Is Better Than Cure
  Fall of Rice Prices: A Chronic Problem for Thailand
4 Good Works on Thai Health
  (1) Disabled are eligible for the Gold Card (2) Approval of 15-yearfree education to all Thailand ranks well on the Misery Index (4) Thailand’s Gold Card praised as a model for Asia
Special Issue for the yearบ
  Empowering Vulnerable Populations: Creating an Inclusive Society
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