ThaiHealth 2006

Prepared by    Institute for Population and Social Research
   Mahidol University
Supported by    Thai Health Promotion Foundation
   (Health Information System Development Programme)

               Introduction in ThaiHealth 2006
         13 Health Indicators
               Introduction in 13 Health Indicators
               Dental health
               Unintended pregnancies
               Universal health insurance
               Mental health
               Buddhist health
               Water shortage
               Traffice accident
               Children and TV.
               Family life
         10+10 Health Issues
               The Crisis in Southern Thailand
               The Nation Reconciliation Conmission and the Emergency Decree
               Do we let televison determine the future of Thai children?
               Thai High Price of Oil and the Search for Energy Security
               Patients Suing Doctors: Jeopardizing the Doctor-Patient Relationship
               What Does the Public Gain from Privation?
               Health Impacts of the Tsunami
               Pregnancy,Abortion, and Child Abandonment: Neglected Problems
               The Continuing Struggle Against Alcohol and Tobacco
               The Consumers' Association: Another Step Forward for Thai
               Consumer Power
               Tem Important Health Issues in 2005
               Updates on the 10 major issues in 2005 Special Issue the Year
         Facing the Challenge of Bird Flu
               Facing the Challenge of Bird Flu
               The Process of Producing the Thai Health Report
               Name of Experts
               Name of Steering Committee Members

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